As a marriage counselor and relationship therapist, I seek to help couples let go of old unsuccessful habits and patterns of relating, equipping them with new pathways that lead to more successful relationships. With over 35 years of experience, my approach translates new discoveries in the fields of neurobiology and relationship science into practical strategies that enable couples to form more enduring and meaningful relationships .

Successful relationships do not depend upon finding the right partners , but upon becoming the right partners . Toward this goal, counseling involves couples working together, as well as individually, learning successful strategies for healthier, happier and more satisfying relationships.

The attitudes and behaviors necessary to succeed in relationships may seem simple to understand, but can be very difficult to put into practice. My counseling uses a variety of practical and innovative approaches to move from theoretical ideals to practical realities. I would love to meet with you to discuss your relationship concerns and to help you begin building pathways to success.
Roger A. Shaw, MA., LMFT

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